Stay Beautiful & Always B E Z 


Growing up in a photography household, my father and mother were both Air Force veterans and photographers, so the eyes of photography and shooting came natural to me. While growing up in different cities and countries I saw many visions of photography at a young age but never used a camera until adulthood. Photography and being a photographer is something that has been calling my name since childhood but it was not until I joined the military that I picked up my first camera. 

However being a solider full-time you don't have much time to focus or do photography so I decided I would exit the military and focus on being a freelance photographer full-time. I started my photography journey in 2009 upon exiting the military and it has been the best decision of my life. I have been many places in my life and seen many things but photography is the one thing that captures my heart over everything. I want to work and get creative with anyone who wants to work and get creative with me. I go by the name B-EZ because to much of anything is never good for anyone so Stay Beautiful & Always B E Z. 

Creativity is the key to beauty and beauty is the key to life.
— B E Z